Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day!

Hey all,

What are you doing on your leap year day?  Well, I took a day off of work to wait on a plumber, get therapy set up (knees), and work on taxes, ugh.  But I  really want to sew, so it will take lots of discipline to do right and get these things done.  Before I was going to start on the list, I read my favorite blogs. (Celeste that sounds like Tahoe) and there is a give away on two of my favorite quilt blogs today.  Bonnie Hunter, and Pat Sloan are giving away some cool stuff.  So go to the links and leave comments and follow the rest of the deal...just takes a minute.  Bonnie Hunter is changing how I think about my stash.  Have a great "extra" day!  On to the list!

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