Saturday, February 17, 2018

Quilted Valentines Cards

Hey Readers,

I did not get to do to much in the quilting room this week.  I did create a couple of quilted post cards.

I had intended to make about 4 or 5, but only got 2 done.  My dog, Bogie cut his foot playing in the yard and needed a fair amount of attention.  I had seen this tutorial on postcard by Rob Appell, but I had made them before, so I just watched it to see if he did anything different.  He does!  I have not been putting in the temtex so I tried that this time and it went well.  Rob uses fabric on both sides tho, and I like using watercolor paper for the card side, so I am not sure it was necessary, but I used it anyway.  If you click on the small things tab, you will see my postcards and art trading cards and some very small quilted things.

So, anyway I made one for Celeste, my daughter, and one for Will, my son.

On the Celeste's I just quilted the hearts and letters down.  Decided to leave it like that for a clean minimalist look.  

On Will's I went around each heart, then did straight line quilting across the card.  I did not go around each letter but felt the straight line stitching would be is just a post card and won't be subject to washing, etc.

The layers are a piece of cotton, a piece of batting, a stiff piece of stabilizer, like peltex, or temtex.  I also used some heat and bond to put the hearts and letters on.  I also used it to put the layers together.  Then I quilt around each letter and heart.   Once it is quilted I put the quilted layers together with the water color paper and sew through the card and all to put the binding on.  The binding also has heat and bond on the back of it as it will keep it from raveling and I don't fold it under.  It is just single  layered.  So I iron it on first then sew around the edge with a specialty stitch on the machine.

These are fun to make. So make some postcards and make someone's day!

Sew long,


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