Saturday, February 10, 2018

Log Jam

Dear Readers,

Had my second finish of the year.  Whoop, Whoop...remember when I could only get one or two quilts done in a year?  I finally got my Modern Logs quilt designed by Christa Watkins done!  You can click here to go to her blog, there is a tab at the top for the store.  I really like how she lists how many block you need for each size on the back... I made the throw size, that is 60 x 66 inches.

We have had a lot of bad weather here in Mississippi this winter, and have missed school, three days!!  That gave me lots of time to sew as I was not getting out on icy roads.


I was going so slow, cutting one strip and sewing it around a square, then cutting one strip and sewing it around, and it was going so slow, so I cut a bunch of strips out of the fabrics that I had pulled.  So I cut a bunch of strips and put them next to my machine, then I could grab one and go.  It went much faster.  When I was done, I saw I had a big pile of funky angle cut strips, so I decided to sew them together in groups that were about the same length.  I would square them up every so often till I had all the strips sewn together.  Then laid them out on my guest bed and figured out how they should go together.  Had to fill in a few spots, but it went really well.

 I am loving how it brightens up my living room.

I am working hard to put balance in my life.   School and sewing seem to be the only things I have made time for.  Tennis season is about to ramp up, but, I desperately need to add physical activity to my to do list.  So I may not get as much sewing done, and I have applied to be in a masters program.  I think I may be a glutton for punishment...but I am determined to make this work!

Sew on,


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