Friday, November 4, 2016

An I Spy Quilt

Dear Readers,

Despite all the projects I wrote about last post, I took time out to do a special I spy quilt.  There is a little boy in our community and a member of my church that has Mitochondrial disease.  His name is Judson and his story has touched my heart so I made him a quilt.

Several years ago I bought some of Pat Yamin's Come Quilt With Me templates for eye spy quilts.   I purchased the 5 in diameter hex that comes with the hexagon template and the setting triangle.  I also purchased the smaller size, but I used the 5 inch size for this quilt.

I have a large collection of novelty prints and some were already cut into hexies.   I had also picked up a number of other prints this summer when I was out in Colorado.  So I spent a night or two cutting them into hexies.  I talked to Judson's pre school teacher to find out what his favorite color was and what he liked.  She told me super heroes and black!  I was so surprised about the black.  I had thought I would use a red for the star points, but I decided to change them to black.   I machine quilted the quilt on my Juki.  Just stitching in the ditch on all the seams.  The back was spiderman fabric with red on either side.  I did not write down the finished measurements but I think it is about 55 by 77.

I got the sweetest note from Judson's mom, Raven, and she sent me these photos of Judson with his quilt.  I am so happy he likes it.  

 I have also recently taken a trip to Colorado...I will write about that another day, but it was a fabulous visit.

I am behind in grading...ugh.  I will be working on that till I am caught back up, then on to the other projects on the table.

Sew on.


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