Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Projects - Headboard bench

Dear Readers,

In April I bought a new mattress and box springs.  It sat entirely too tall on my bed.  So I decided to make a new headboard out of an old door from from my Grandmother's home and use the old headboard and footboard to make a bench.

First I bought some 1x 6's and made a box to support some boards for the bench.  Then I cut the footboard down so it would be the right height for the bench, and cut the posts off to the height for the arm rests.

Next I attached the box to the headboard and footboard.  Then I painted everything with chalk paint.  I am planning for the bench to be exterior, although under an awning, so I wanted all the surfaces painted to help preserve the wood.  I also painted the slats at this time so it would be easy to get the parts between the slats.  Last I attached the slats and added wheels.  I am obsessed with having wheels on my furniture as I live alone, and sometimes I need to move things and it is really nice if you don't have to call someone to help you.

The last step was to add the arm rests and paint them.  Finally, I put a coat of wax on it to give it a little character.

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