Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Projects - DVD Shelf

Hey all,

I did a lot of summer projects this year.  The first project I completed was a shelf for my DVD player and electronic stuff.

The cords were coming out of a hole in the wall so first I found this cool cord guide at the hardware store and I put it in.

As you can see it had been sitting on the edge of the hearth with cords going everywhere.  I planned the shelf to sit out from the chimney a little as the outlet to plug the electronics into was in the corner and there are gas lines running along he edge of the chimney.  I made the top so it would lift off so if you have to work on changing hook ups it is easier to get in there.  I also found a wooden box at JoAnn's and cut holes in it for cords to go in so the cord "nest" would be would hidden.

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