Thursday, March 12, 2015

Craftsy Block of the month 2012

Hey readers,

I decided to get my Craftsy Block of the month quilt out from 2012.  I am going to work on it.  After looking through the blocks I am not sure I like a lot of them.

So I have made a few more blocks and we will see how they work in...I have one of the new ones on the floor...but there were a few I added earlier that were not part of the 12 that Amy Gibson taught in the class.

Here are the ones I have made this week...
An off set log cabin

An enlarged Wild and Goosey

An Ohio Star

A String Block

Another String block but this time in a 9 patch

I am thinking of taking some of the slash blocks out and putting these in, sashing it with neutrals and random cornerstones.

The other option is to try a quilt as you go like they did at this  Hmmmmm... by the way they have a ton of tutorials.

On a personal note I have been working on getting healthier this year.  I gave up diet cokes and, really all cokes, at Thanksgiving.  I have been upping the amount of water I drink on a daily basis.  I have been tracking my food for the last month or so and my weight is headed down...:)  I had really let it get out of hand.  My goal is to keep the tracking up and when my weight gets down a little more, where there won't be as much pressure on my knees, to add in more physical activity.  At this weight my knees hurt a good bit of the time and I need to get some pressure off of them.

When it shows a little more I will post photos!!

Sew long.


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