Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blocking my Guild Challenge Quilt

Dear Readers,

If you are not from America, you may not realize that this is the biggest football day of the year for professional football.  I have been working on my Ultimate Guild Challenge magnolia quilt and keeping one eye on the game.  The game is also important as many of the most innovative ads of the year are aired during the game.  So with a daughter who is an art director for an ad firm, I like to watch those too.

When making a wall hanging or a quilt for a show, you may want to block your quilt to get it to hang really straight.  Life as a Quilter -- Julia Graber: Indecision–The Storm Within told me how she does hers.  I my method is pretty much the same.

First I lay out some scrap lumber or since I didn't have any around I used some poles from handles of yard tools to make the sides of the "pool."

before the water, you can tell it is a little ripply.
Then I put some heavy duty plastic to form the inside of the pool.  After I put the quilt in the center I pour a gallon, yes I typed gallon, of water over the quilt.  I squish the quilt in the water till it is all absorbed.  Then I try and make sure everything is nice and flat.  I then turned on the ceiling fan and another small fan and pointed it at the quilt in order to dry it out.  I expect it will be dry tomorrow.

after the water, smoother, but still wet.

I will let you know how it is looking.

On another note, my dad, Bob Turnage, did have his heart surgery and is doing well.  Thanks all who took time to pray for him.  I believe in the power of prayer and I know it made a difference.

Oh I almost for got to show you the light I bought on my trip to Ikea during Thanksgiving holidays.  It really helps if you are sewing at night.  Check out the difference.  It is a Jansjo.


Sew long.


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  1. And I'm blocking mine right now too! I just love your stack a posie with the magnolia fabric. And the quilting looked fun too.