Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winona Quilt Show

Dear Readers,

This is about 3 weeks late, but I wanted to show you some photos of the Winona Quilt Show that was on November 9, 2013.  Lydia Chassinol, the state senator from Winona, wanted me to head up a quilt show in Winona as part of the heritage highway project.  She has been promoting Highway 82 as a heritage highway.  Cotesworth will be promoted as part of the heritage highway.

I gathered up a number of quilts from my friends in Columbus.  Special thanks to CC Coggins and Judy Stokes that were so generous with their quilts.  Lou Caffey of Winona also participated as several other Winona quilters and a few that showed antique family quilts.

The show was pulled together in about 2 weeks.  So there was not much time to promote it or get the word out.

I woke up in the middle of the night before the show, and thought, we don't even have a sign to put out front to let the public know we are having a show.

So I took the lower shelf off my planter table and covered it in white fabric and orphan quilt blocks and put it outside the church. Not great, but with short time frame, it will have to do.

 The quilt show was held at the Immanuel Episcopal Church on Summit Street in Winona.  It is a beautiful church that was built around 1901 and the windows came out of an older church.
 The plan was to hang the majority of the quilts on the pews and put a few on racks.
 The stained glassed windows in the church are really pretty.  They remind me of the stained glass in First Baptist Columbus.  The light coming through the glass was really pretty on the quilts.
 This is one of Judy Stokes quilts.  It was a leader- ender project to make spools.  She put her scrappy spools together in groups of 16 and sashed it.  Fabulous.

 These are some of Lou Caffey's quilts. The one in the background won second in the Pinebelt quilters Show.  Amazing work!!

Hope it helps Lydia get her dream of having highway 82 a heritage highway.

Live the day well.