Sunday, October 12, 2014

Post cards

Hey all,

I haven't posted in a year or so.  Spring of 2013 I decided to turn my somewhat orderly life upside down and move about 80 miles West.  I was feeling somewhat burned out at work and needed a change.  I applied for  a new job in a small town that my mother grew up in and the location of my grandmother's farm.  I got the job and started living a two city life.  I bought a house in my "new" hometown.  It is a really nice house, with a great floor plan and yard, but the former owners loved wall paper and it looked like I was going back in time to 1978.  Even with hiring a fair amount of help, it is very slow going.  I have one bedroom done the kitchen is almost done...but enough about that.  I still haven't sold my home in the other city, but praying it will sell soon.

In the quilt world, I have not done too much, but I will be putting up a few posts with my very limited progress.  I may write some posts about my renovation projects too...but we will see.

I did not get to go see my daughter this summer, and I was really missing her, so I made her some quilted postcards.  She is an art director and drew her logo out a few years ago, so I decided that would be a good subject.

This is the first one I did.  I had made a bunch of quilted cards for my IB students a few years ago and apparently have forgotten all the techniques!!  What is up with that?  Once I have quilted up the design I use a glue stick and it to a piece of heavy weight watercolor paper and then put the binding on.

I did not fuse the binding on and it looked ravelly.  (I know that is not a real word) But that is not the point.  It doesn't show in the photo, but  it just didn't look as good as I wanted.  I sent it anyway and then remembered how I used to do them.

So I did another one, taking the logo and changing the colors up and sending the logo to the football game in honor of the success of my daughter's alma mater.  If you follow college football, here in Mississippi the local universities are having the best season ever!!!

Anyway on this one I quilted the background, fused the binding on before sewing it down and I think it came out better.

Well, back to the boring sewing of making drapes for the bedroom.

As my friend Su says, "Live the day well."

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