Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ultimate Guild Challenge (part 1)!!!

Hey all,

Here is the story of my AQS ultimate guild submission.  The challenge was to create a quilt 52 x 32 that depicted a Tennessee Williams play and use the exterior colors of the Tennessee Williams home
Tennessee Williams house, Columbus, MS
in Columbus, MS. You can add other colors but those need to be included.   I drew Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  So first I downloaded and watched it on Amazon, I had never seen it.  Loved it!!  Paul Newman and Liz Taylor were amazing.  Then I came up with a plan of doing a plantation house with a cat on an out building.

In October I stopped by Katherine's house and we spent the afternoon taking photos of  her place.
Then I resaved the pic as a black and white photo.
 I drew and redrew the house a lot of times but was still not happy with the perspective.  Finally went to see our wonderful art teacher and she helped me out.

Once I got a good drawing I ran it through my printer and printed a grid on it.

Then I got some poster paper and drew a grid on it and enlarged the photo.  I started sewing it block by block till I got to the house.

To do the trees I would trace out a block and mark what type of fabrics go where.  And make that block...I would think oh, I can make a bunch of these tonight, but invariably it would take me lots longer than I thought.

But none the less it kept growing, albeit slower than I would have liked.

So when I got to the house I took my sewing machine out of the hole I made for it and put a light in the hole and a piece of plexi glass on it and would trace parts of the pattern to make.

So the house started to grow.

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