Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ultimate Guild Challenge (part 2)!!

 I realized here I needed more variety in the grasses.  Judy came to my rescue, and I completed the top.
Then I laid it on the floor to take a picture and realized I had major problems.  The challenge said the quilt had to be 52 by 32 and mine was 57.5!  It could be plus or minus one inch so I needed to cut it down to 53.  But I did not want to lose the ends and the sky was major league was way too much to "quilt out".  So I decided to get the sky to lay flat first. I sent pictures to some of my quilting buddies and family for suggestions.  I ended up taking the house and the sky apart and adding more sky in and tightening up the seam by the chimney (my son's suggestion), so now it was pretty flat, still had a small bit of rippling, but that would quilt out.  Now how to deal with the excess length???  I took it to school to consult with Sarah the art teacher, who helped me on the perspective, and get her take, she said to lose the chimney on the left, my IB students also said that was the best way around it.

I did not want to lose the sunflowers and chimney or the sun and shed, so what to do???  I took the quilt apart in the middle and shaved some off of all the blocks between the house and the shed.  So then I put it back together still had to take some off the side with the shed, but not more than an inch.   Finally had it the right size.

So then I quilted it up, but it caused it to ripple up some, so frustrated, especially after I had worked so hard to get it to be mostly flat...My friend Julia had told me about blocking hers at guild day, so I decided to block mine.

 Julia said she used a gallon of water, I felt sure she must be exaggerating, but it did soak up a gallon!!
The next morning it was dry and flat!!

I am naming it Cotesworth's Kat.  It is supposed to look like Cotesworth in N. Carrolton, the historic home of JZ George.  (can't call it Cat on a Hot Tin Roof due to copywriter laws)!  I always put a verse on the back of mine, so I think I am going to use Joshua 1:9b -  "Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  I think if Tennessee Williams had read this verse his characters would not have been so troubled.


  1. Don't know if I have told you or not, but you did a fabulous job on this quilt. It truly is amazing and is so pretty. The tut is also great, thanks, I might try it this way someday.

  2. Terry, you have not posted on your blog since March. I know you have been busy, moving and new job and all, but we need to know what's up with you. Ya' gotta take a little time and bring us up to date.. Love ya'