Monday, January 8, 2018

Catching up! Collaboration Quilt

Dear Readers,

Sorry I have been so slack in posting.  My computer had gotten where it ran so slow that it was painful to use.  By the time it responded to a command, I had stopped watching the screen, then it would time out and I would have to start the log in process all over again!

Anyway since blogging (or playing) on the lap top was not happening, I did get more sewing done!

Before I went to Diane and Carlos's for our quilting week,  Celeste and I did a quilt together.  She chose a pattern by Sweet Jane called Borderline Crazy.  Here is a link to her Etsy shop if you want the pattern.  It is a small throw...


I misread the instructions, on my defense, the pictures of the crib sized quilt were next to the instructions for the throw sized quilt.  So Celeste, figured out how she wanted it expanded back to be a throw sized.  luckily we figured out I had messed up, before we got it all together!  Betty Lewis did the quilting on this quilt.

absolutely love the backing fabric that Celeste chose!
This was finished in August or September of 2017.

I will try to do one catch up post every few days till I am back up to date!!  More to follow!

Sew long,


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