Sunday, August 30, 2015

Antique Quilts

Dear Readers,

Sorry all the summer got ahead of me and we have been back at it in school for three weeks.  So it is time to get into a routine and start back with routine posts and getting life in general on track.

Last fall I took three antique quilt tops to Betty Lewis to quilt.  They were tops made by my sister-in-law's (Anne Sanders Turnage) great grandmother Buelah Duke.  I assembled backs before taking them and bound and labeled them upon picking them up.  I delivered the last one to them on Jeff's (my brother) birthday.  I must say I am so pleased with the way they came out.  The tops were in great condition.  They had been stored in a cedar chest for about 50 or more years.  They all laid very flat and were in good shape.  Betty did a nice job with the quilting and I picked them up about a week or two before  the time school got out and started binding them.  It would have been nice to hand quilt them myself or pay for hand quilting, but the price was prohibitive and I felt it would be better to be a quilt and go for a long arm overall design.  And it would be too long in the delivery if it was up to me to hand quilt them.  As Bonnie Hunter says it is better to have a quilt than a flimsy, even if it is not historically correct.

This pattern was called Garden Patch so I renamed it Pink Garden Patch.  I asked Betty to put a Daisy flower pattern on it.  

Dresden Fans  Clam shell quilt design.

Sting quilt got a loopy design.

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