Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tommy's Quilt

Hey all,

A good friend of our family, Tommy Givens, just graduated from college.  He worked hard and finished his degree in Chemical Engineering.  Will and I wanted to do something very special for him, so we decided he needed a T-shirt quilt.  So Will was in charge of getting the shirts and formatting the label, and I was to make the quilt, with his help in laying it out.  So this is what we came up with.
I had a lot of fun quilting this.  I did something different on the border of each quilt square, and even each side.  I found that by the time I had done a whole side border of the quilt, I was tired of that design.  So I changed it.  So here are a few close ups of the quilting.

I will be out of pocket this weekend, so not sure if I will get to make another post, but I will try!


PS  Welcome new readers from Australia, Czech Republic, France, Singapore and Canada!!


  1. Great job, Terry. If/when I ever get around to making a T-shirt quilt I'll know who to get pointers from.