Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Art Quilting and Tea Parties

Hey all,

I will try to do better on getting my posts up more timely... I got bit by a spider and dealing with the bite has put a serious strain on my time...went to the WalMart clinic Thurday May 31 and was given an ointment and an antibiotic.  Monday it was no better, so I went to see my normal doctor and he lanced it.
So been soaking it three times a day, and then washing anything that touched it.  Now it just looks like a horrible bruise about the size of a silver dollar.

Gwen did an internship with our teacher and made this art quilt from a photo of a swamp marsh.
on to a happier note...
I went to the Spring Gathering of the MQA (Mississippi Quilter's Association) in Jackson at the Christ United Methodist church.  They sure have a nice facility to host us in and we really appreciate them letting us come and sew in their classrooms.  I took a class on art quilting.  We were to sew a 4 patch together 12 inches square finished and bring it to class.  We were also to bring things to embellish our quilt...anything goes.

The first thing Rhonda Blasingame, our teacher, had us do is cut our block diagonally and pass half to the left.  So now our perfectly coordinated half to someone else.  Then we filled out cards with a number, shape, design element, and color.  We added elements to our piece according to the card.
My original four patch
Notice the big pile of stuff to choose from.

After getting back, Sunday afternoon Hope Hogan invited me and her mother-in-law to join her and her daughter for high tea at the Painted Lady, a B & B in Columbus.  

I think Celeste has a painting of this house...but I am not sure.  
Hope arriving.
It was so delightful...

Anna looked so sweet.

We got to tour the house and then we sat down to some finger sandwiches.  

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